App recommendations – March 2016

We all have a smartphone, whether or not you use it that much is a different case but it can do a lot of stuff and one without apps is basically a 90’s Nokia.

Here are some app recommendations that will make your life easier!


IF is more like an archive of stuff that will automate processes throughout the day. IFTTT basically stands for “If this then this”. Its a good description for what this app does.

Let’s say, you go to school, and at school you have to mute your phone. If you forget it one day and it makes a sound god have mercy on your soul.
In these situations IF works perfectly. You can set it up so that if you are in a certain area (GPS Location), the phone will mute itself unless you do otherwise.

What if you want to tell whoever you are living with that you are on your way home every day? Set an area and if you leave this area the phone will automatically send a text message to the person you have set, telling them you are on your way home.

How about a weather report every day? Do you want a different background image every day?

IF comes included with a lot of presets to automations you might want, but you can of course make your own. It’s compatible with basically every major app.

What’s even cooler is that if you have a coffeemaker, lighting, heating or otherwise connected to the internet you can for example make a function in IF that if you leave work you’r coffeemaker will start brewing. Or an hour before you wake up normally the heating will turn on. This is a bit more in the future, but think how it would be to have everything laid infront of you. Interesting and very exciting!

IF is free on both Android and iOS.

1Password by AgileBits

We all have a few too many accounts around the internet, and to stay safe you shouldn’t have the same password everywhere. But how can you remember every password?

This is where 1Password comes to save the day. It will basically allow you to save passwords to everything you can imagine. It will also help you sign in automatically if you assign a URL.

All you need is one master password, and this will allow you to sign into the app and get control over everything you saved.

An amazing time saver and it will allow you to be a bit safer around the internet.

Free on Android and iOS.

How to tie a tie by Artfonica

Both girls and boys wear ties, and sometimes it can be hard to either remember or even learn to tie a tie. What is better than to have an app that helps you with it?

How to tie a tie, does what it promises. It tells you how to tie a tie in a minimalistic but explaining way. It also has a wide variety of knots which will make sure fit in.

The good thing is that it won’t eat up your storage because it doesn’t have to save 10 different animations and high res images.

Free on iOS and Android.


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