Long Time!

Wow, I haven’t written here in a long time. Kinda sad, cause I was really enthusiastic when starting out. Well, i’ve been busy with a lot of things and considering I have a second blog (https://blog.TheAvalanche.se) this kinda had a lower priority. Feel the urge to write some more and share stuff now, so I think you’ll see more on here in the future.

My last post was 22. March 2016, so about a year ago. Lovely. I was planning to write everything i’ve been doing since then, but that would a lot. So let’s put a line over the last year and start over. Hi i’m Sleazy, what’s your name?

Anyway, there has been a lot things bothering me lately and I don’t really have anywhere to share it, so I think this blog will be perfect for my “rants”. Can’t wait. 😐

Let us start off with what music I listen to these days, I catch myself listening to music more and more (Because my Spotify bugged and I don’t get commercials. Edit: As i’m writing this I get commercials again, damn it.).
The number one artist is probably Kygo, a Norwegian DJ that make “Tropical House”, though many of his new songs is just normal House. So yeah.
He released his first album in 2016 (Cloud Nine) and in comparison to Avicii’s disaster album (Stories), (I personally think Avicii lost his touch) Kygo’s is filled with amazing music. My personal favourites is Stole The Show, Oasis, Stay and For What It’s Worth.

He made a 100% piano version of For What It’s Worth and it’s also spectacular.

I like listening to Kygo when I do work, as it calms me down. Here is the playlist I usually listen to when working on something. “Ghosts” is perfect for something like coding. Overall theme seems to be Norwegian artists now that I look at it..

I’m wasn’t supposed to write this much, but oh well. You got some music to listen to, so get out there and do something. Cause everything gets better with quality music.

Also you can’t center the embed’s which is making me insane!


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