Google is part of the top 10 companies that love collecting information on you. The scary part is that if you have Gmail, watch Youtube videos and use Google Search all from your logged in account, Google pretty much tracks what you are doing and what you are watching at all times.

There is a way to disable all this. And it’s time to turn that shit off because it doesn’t do you any good at all!

First off, go here:


You have 2 options, “Privacy Checkup” and “My Activity”. If you haven’t done a “Privacy Checkup” go to “My Activity” and see what Google has on you. Probably smart to delete it all.

Deleting already stored information:

  1. Click the 3 circles in the top right.
  2. Click “Delete activity by”
  3. Choose “All Time” and “All Products”
  4. Hit Delete

Now when you go back, it should say “No activity.”. Wonderful, one step closer.

Preventing tracking and info gathering:

Now you can go back to the first screen you were at, and now it’s time for a “Privacy Checkup”.

This is fairly straight forward, follow the directions and disable everything. Even though Google tells you that it will prevent them from giving you something or will make something slower or whatever, just disable it all. They serve no purpose but to track you.

Most important is no.3 “Personalize your Google experience”. Here you want to disable everything unless you want Google to know everything. Only thing you lose by doing this is that Google can’t recommend things to you. But most of the time you don’t care about recommended stuff. It’s safe to turn everything off.

After you’ve gone through every category and chosen what to share (Hopefully nothing), you are done. And Google can no longer track you.

Now that Google’s not tracking you anymore, why not get rid of the source of the problem most of the time, by deleting Google Chrome (if you use it) and installing Opera, Vivaldi or Firefox. Vivaldi and Opera is very similiar and offer much more if you like Chrome.

There is never a good reason for letting companies track you.


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