Since when did this become a music blog. Oh well, it is now.

Let me share with you some music i’ve been listening to and have discovered over the last few weeks. It is mostly Dance, EDM and Electronic. But there is some old goodies in there as well.

First let me share with you this guy.

If you play platformer games then you might recognize his music from Electronic Super Joy. He makes every upbeat electronic/dance music and has a lot of good songs. Doesn’t have a lot of listeners though.

This next guy is a big shot in Soundcloud terms.

Illenium makes Dance/EDM music, and has a lot of good songs. If you like this type of music you should check him out!
Flume – Say It ft. Tove Lo is my favourite at the moment.

We are sticking with Soundcloud a bit longer. Artists release songs there much more frequently so it is a good place to find some new tunes made by the people you listen to.

Kygo also started out on Soundcloud before becoming big.

But of course Kygo has to be in this list. He has a lot of smaller hits on his Soundcloud that are worth checking out. The so cleverly named song “Piano Jam” is a fantastic piece. Recommended!

The Dance/EDM theme is holding up. Here’s another one!

Matoma has made a lot of great hits in my home country (Norway), and continues to make awesome EDM with a chill Kygo feel. All of his big songs are on Spotify so if they are limited on Soundcloud you know where to find them.

Now to something completly different. This is my newest list, but so far this last 3 months the one I have listened to the most. Music from 60’s-90’s is always so chill, have some kind of message and are just pleasant so listen to while doing work. Find my Spotify list below.


Welcome to the Music Blog apparently..


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