Who am I?

Great question, I hope i can answer that. Somewhat.

I am Sleazy Gizey, a Norwegian guy who enjoys working for other people. Not for as in under them, but for as in the only reason I work is to be able to help other people that either don’t have the knowledge, economy, experience or time to create what they want.

All the knowledge I have mostly come from countless hours on the internet with people way different from me. And a desire to be self-efficient.

To get the basic things out of the way, I am 21 years old, I live in Norway, enjoy everything from Rock to House music and like playing video games. The series i currently watch is Black Mirror on Netflix.

I stick my finger in anything as long as it’s on a computer. Learned to master a whole variety of software and have a healthy relationship with the internet (I.e. don’t care what other people write.) Currently deep into HTML, CSS and PHP.

I am the Leader and Creator of the third iteration of The Avalanche Community.

Will add more if I find it interesting enough.