Since when did this become a music blog. Oh well, it is now.

Let me share with you some music i’ve been listening to and have discovered over the last few weeks. It is mostly Dance, EDM and Electronic. But there is some old goodies in there as well.

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Long Time!

Wow, I haven’t written here in a long time. Kinda sad, cause I was really enthusiastic when starting out. Well, i’ve been busy with a lot of things and considering I have a second blog ( this kinda had a lower priority. Feel the urge to write some more and share stuff now, so I think you’ll see more on here in the future.

My last post was 22. March 2016, so about a year ago. Lovely. I was planning to write everything i’ve been doing since then, but that would a lot. So let’s put a line over the last year and start over. Hi i’m Sleazy, what’s your name?

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